Pediatric Therapy Outcomes Management

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Easily administer pediatric physical therapy functional outcome measures by following written and video instructions. Save time and reduce the need for extra equipment by using built in timers and counters. Learn More


Easily store your patient's outcome measure scores in one place for review and future use. Learn More


Easily interpret your patient's outcome measure scores with easy to read graphs and reports that provide normative comparisons, when available. Learn More


Quickly administer and score outcome measures.
Easily use the web-based app on your phone, tablet, or computer.

Videos and instructions provided to assist with correct outcome measure administration.
Reference videos and written instructions to ensure correct administration of outcome measures across domains (balance, endurance, functional performance, and strength). Quickly view information related to equipment, space, and other tools needed to utilize outcomes measures in your practice.

Utilize built-in timers and counters.
Never miss an opportunity to collect data due to lack of equipment. Utilize the built-in timers and counters to score outcome measures and quickly save scores to a patient's profile.


Store patient outcome measure data in one place.
Tracking outcome measure scores allows for assessment of progress.

Improve your data organization. Eliminate the need for paper charting.
Utilize the cloud-based app to easily view previously recorded patient data, add additional scores, and view all of your patient outcome measure data in one place. Improve your workflow by having the ability to easily record and save patient scores quickly and easily during a treatment session.


Build individualized reports for your needs.
Quickly and easily create graphs and interpret patient data

Build the reports you need.
Improve your clinical decision making by tracking outcome measure data and creating visual graphs to easily interpret scores and assess patient progress. The easy-to-use, individualized patient report builder allows you to create, edit, save, and export the reports you need. Patient's scores, level of assistance, and orthotic/assistive device use can all by documented on the report.

Track & visualize patient progress.
Track outcome measure scores across domains (balance, endurance, functional performance, strength) and immediately graph current and past scores for easy interpretation of patient progress. Compare patient's scores to reference norms, when available. Reports are easily shared with patients, parents, physicians, and payers.


Set-Up and Support

Our web specialists ensure that RSM works for you

Secure Data Storage

Securely store patient data on HIPAA compliant web-based app.

Download Reports

Create and download reports to share.

Normative Comparison

Compare patient data to normative reference scores.

Mobile Friendly

Use your tablet or phone to administer outcomes in clinic.


Access RSM from all web-based devices wherever you are.
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